Box Gabions consist of rectangular units,fabricated from a double or triple twist,hexagonal mesh of soft annealed,heavily zinc or pvc coated wire.The wire quality and zinc or pvc coating meet all international specifications.The mesh panels are reinforced at all edges with wires of a larger diameter than that used for manufacturing the mesh,to strengthen them and to facilitate construction.Gabions may be divided into cells by fitting diaphragms which have the function of reinforcing the structure and making assembly and erection easier.Mattresses is a special form of gabion with large plan area/thickness ratio.It is fabricated from a similar but smaller double or triple twist hexagonal mesh to that used to manufacture the gabion boxes.



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Terramesh System

Terramesh System is a soil reinforcement which consists of panels of double or triple twist hexagonal woven heavy zinc or pvc coated wire mesh.In order to strengthen the structure,the external face is provided with steel zinc or pvc coated reinforcing wires.The external face consists either of stones or vegetative soil.



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Sack Gabions

Sack Gabions are mainly used for river and stream training works.They are made up of a single sheet of mesh and are supplied with steel wire spirals inserted during production to facilitate closing during the installation procedure.



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Rockfall protection netting / Barrier

Wire mesh netting is often used to prevent rocks and debris from falling on to roads and railways.This can also help to establish vegetation.It has same characteristics as that used for gabions and mattresses.It is strong enough to withstand the force of falling rocks and does not unravel should some of the wires break.


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Product range Gabion boxes

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Product range Gabion Mattresses

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Product range Sack Gabion

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Product range Rockfall Protection Netting