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Gabion Box


100% Success - Advantages of Gabion Box and Mattress structures

1. FLEXIBLE Superior to rigid type structures. The hexagonal mesh construction permits natural adjustment to varying conditions of earth settlement without causing fracture or collapse of the structure.

2. DURABLE Gaps between the stones silt up naturally as time passes. Silting supports the growth of grass and plants which serve as a bonding agent for the stone.

3. PERMEABLE A Gabion structure allows water to pass through, water pressure cannot build up behind it and the structure is continuously drained.

4. STRONG The flexibility of the Gabion structure provides the inherent strength to withstand and dissipate pressures exerted by water and earth masses.

5. ECONOMICAL Filling materials are usually found on or near the site. No structural maintenance is needed and foundation work is usually unnecessary.

6. NATURAL APPEARANCE Natural stone makes the structure aesthetically pleasing, especially when subsequent vegetation growth takes place.

7. SIMPLE Unskilled labour can be used for quick assembly.

8. MAINTENANCE Gabion structures are easily maintained using additional mesh or grouting.

9. FUNCTIONABLE Once the structure is built there is no waiting period it functions immediately.

10. EXTENDABLE Extensions are simple. Additional units are simply attached to the existing ones



Introduction, Gabion Box

Gabions have been used from ancient times, it is only in the last few decades that their widespread use has led them to become an accepted construction material in civil engineering.A Gabion Box is a cage or a box filled with boulders or rocks.

Modern technology in Gabion Box manufacturing

Modern technology has made possible the manufacture of these reliable and sound products,using mild steel wire mesh.

Hexagonal wire mesh Gabion Box

The wire is woven into a hexagonal pattern,with double or triple twist joints which prevent the whole mesh from unraveling should a wire break or be cut.

Gabion Box Applications

Gabion and Gabion boxes are used as Gabion Walls or commonly known as Gabion Retaining Walls.Gabion Wall Construction is simple and takes less time in errection.Various types of Gabion Structures are used as per application requirements such as for Gabion Check Dams.We provide Gabion Wall Design as per slope stability analysis.Gabion Box Sizes may vary depending upon Gabion Wall Specifications and design.


These are usually built for flood control, water velocity reduction, material retention or water storage.


Longitudinal works are structures that are erected and act in parallel with the flow of water. They serve in various applications,such as:

1. Protection against erosion;

2. Water course control;

3. Normal flow control in canals;

4. Protection against floods.


Deflective structures are used to correct or centre water course direction,sustain the stability of banks subject to erosion, recreate other areas already affected by erosion,or deepen the centre of the watercourse to promote navigation.


Used in down hill linings,canals,retention,basins,temporary defenses,embankment protection,etc.


Used to provide erosion protection and retain soil around culverts, bridge abutments,rail etc.


Structures that work mainly through the action of their own weight.


Which features external faces stone filled as with Gabions and mesh panel to form a reinforced soil mass.







Gabion Box



Gabion Box India

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